The Big Problem Ed Sheeran Has Eating In The US

With tons of global hits in his repertoire, Ed Sheeran never spends too much time at home in the U.K. Whether he is selling out stadiums on world tours, collaborating with Taylor Swift again, or performing at Coachella, the English singer-songwriter often finds himself in America. And when he does, he always makes sure to make a visit to Taco Bell at least once during the trip (via Audacy). "We don't get Taco Bell in England at all. Most things here you get in England," Sheeran explained to the radio group before clarifying, "I like Mexican food, but I like Tex-Mex more than I like Mexican food just because of the spices." 

Clearly, Sheeran isn't a food snob if he considers Taco Bell good Tex-Mex, but one thing he does find off-putting about American food is the large portion sizes served at restaurants. In an episode of the popular podcast Off Menu, the singer shared that he used to always eat the whole portion, however, it started to cause him to put on weight. "Now when I go back I have to just ask for half or a quarter of it," he said.

What Ed Sheeran does love about American food: ketchup

Ed Sheeran may not be a huge fan of the portion sizes of the food in America, but he sure does love our condiments. Well, one condiment in particular — ketchup. Sheeran always makes sure to have it on him while on tour, and even has his staff carry back-up bottles (via Capital FM). "I used to be a pizza and chips man and that was all I ate," he told Off Menu in a recent podcast episode. "Then, when I started traveling the world, my thing of it was, if a whole culture goes, 'this is our thing and we love it,' then I'm going to give it a go." In America, apparently that thing is ketchup.

After publicly proclaiming his love for the condiment in an Instagram post where he vaguely proposed some kind of a collab with Heinz, the brand actually followed through with a limited-edition ketchup bottle based on Sheeran's tattoo (via Food & Wine), followed by a television commercial featuring the idea, and another limited-edition bottle that says "Edchup" on the label (via Bustle). For Sheeran, apparently, there's no such thing as too big of a portion of ketchup.