Costco Shoppers Are Impressed By This Oktoberfest Beer Glass

Even if you could have managed to make it all the way over to Germany for Oktoberfest this year, you wouldn't have been able to enjoy the beer-centric merriment, as the festival organizers actually made the decision to cancel the event for 2021 (via Oktoberfest). However, if you want to bide your time until it (hopefully) kicks off again in 2022, there's a Costco find that you may want to consider adding to your collection. The simple purchase just might give you the Oktoberfest vibes you need to celebrate the popular event right at home.

Reddit user bOXlUncHBoX posted on the Costco subreddit, sharing their find so that other Costco shoppers wouldn't overlook it. As it turns out, while you may not be able to raise your frothy, beer-filled glass in Munich this year, you can indeed raise an authentic Munich Oktoberfest beer mug. As the pictures shared by the Reddit user demonstrate, the retailer is selling a super-sized 1-quart beer mug that comes with a brewed-in-Germany Paulaner Oktoberfest Beer in a special one liter can. Crack the top, fill that new mug all the way to the brim, and start reading up on what Bavarian food you can whip up and which Oktoberfest traditions can be replicated away from the beer tents — Munich is coming to you this year.

What other Reddit users are saying

Within just one day, the simple three-image post had already racked up 38 comments from eager consumers interested in weighing in on the Oktoberfest mug and beer set. The original poster clarified that the price for the mug and beer set, at least in their area, was just $7.99. Another user chimed in that it was $8 at their San Jose Costco location, so it seems that you should be able to pick up the item for under $10 at most Costco locations.

"Paulaner is one of the finest breweries that ever breweried," one fan wrote, loving the beer that was chosen to come along with the mug. Another was impressed by Costco's ingenuity and decision to package the two together and make it a seasonal, Oktoberfest-themed item, writing that the "buying team at Costco knows a good gimmick when they see one."

User MarvelHulkWeed validated the authenticity of the mug and gave the other users some beer vessel history, writing that they "had these in Germany" and the mug "is actually really good quality," also adding that the drinking vessel is actually only called a stein if it's made of stone (according to Renegade Brewing, in German, the word "stein" actually means "stone").

Oktoberfest fans will want to stop by their nearest Costco location in search of this item, and while they're at it, may also want to begin brushing up on their German — Prost!