This Comforting Dish Is Justin Bieber's Favorite Food

His hit song "Yummy" may technically be written about his wife Hailey Bieber, but there is another thing Justin Bieber finds yummy: spaghetti Bolognese. During one of his first interviews, back before he was even a household name, ABC News wanted to know all the basics about Justin, from where he grew up to what his favorite food was. "Spaghetti Bolognese," he replied to the latter without skipping a beat. Though he's skyrocketed to fame since then, spaghetti Bolognese remains a constant in the pop star's life. Years later, he told Glamour that he loves the dish so much, he'd want it as his last meal on earth.

Before Justin went dairy-free in 2020 (via People), his favorite way to enjoy spaghetti Bolognese was with a tall glass of milk. "Basically, in Canada, we like to have spaghetti and milk. I don't know if you guys do that," he explained to TMZ in 2012. But even though drinking milk with spaghetti Bolognese once famously caused him to vomit on stage in the middle of a concert, the incident didn't make him change his mind about his favorite food.

How to make Justin Bieber's bolognese sauce

Clearly Justin Bieber's love for spaghetti Bolognese rubbed off on Hailey Bieber, because the two dedicated an entire episode of their Facebook vlog series "Biebers on Watch" to sharing their go-to recipe and demonstrating how to make it. The couple's recipe features gluten-free pasta and a sausage-based Bolognese sauce. Along with the sausage meat, the sauce consists of tomato sauce, chopped onion, minced garlic, and heavy cream. 

Some variations of pasta Bolognese don't include dairy, but as it turns out, Justin, who does his best to avoid dairy prefers his pasta Bolognese prepared according to tradition. Food explains that the authentic kind, made in Bologna, calls for this ingredient. "The secret ingredient to a true Bolognese Sauce is milk (or cream), which is added in such small amount, you don't even know it's there," the contributor behind the recipe says.

"He won't eat cheese or milk," Hailey shared in the episode, "but unfortunately his favorite pasta sauce requires lots." Apparently nothing will get in the way of Justin's life-long love for Bolognese.