The One Dish Chris Santos Almost Always Orders Out

There's no doubt that Chris Santos is an amazing chef. The culinary icon with multiple awe-inspiring menus, dishes, and restaurants under his belt can likely cook circles around most of us. And when you have skills like he does, it seems that eating someone else's food just wouldn't be necessary. Still, professional chefs really aren't that different than us, and sometimes, they don't want to cook any more than regular people do. In some ways, it's like any job. Who wants to come home from a long day of work only to do more of that exact same work?

For Santos, there's one dish in particular he likes to order out. The "Chopped" judge told Food Network that he'll rarely make this meal at home and the reason he prefers someone else to prepare it may surprise you. Keep reading to learn more about the Beauty & Essex chef and the one item he always orders out.

Chris Santos

During an interview with Food Network, Santos' said his favorite dish to eat at a restaurant is cassoulet, a slow-cooked bean dish that originated in France. "I wish I could make it at home but rarely have the time," he told the outlet, which isn't surprising considering he's kept pretty busy between his New York restaurant, his judging duties on "Chopped," and his other culinary and media responsibilities. One recipe for the dish on Serious Eats takes 16 hours to complete! If we were as booked as Santos, we might opt to get this meal out too.

Santos also told the Food Network that "it's such a good reason to go out for dinner in cold-weather months." Another valid point made. While there are plenty of places to get a good cassoulet, including NYC (via Food and Wine), where Santos is based, you can also make the dish at home with plenty of delicious recipes and variations to pick from. And better yet, now that you know the secret to Santos' heart, if you do ever get the opportunity to cook for him, you know exactly what dish he'll be most excited about.