The Stunning Amount Of Money Texas Roadhouse Spends On Peanuts And Bread Each Year

Freshly baked bread is definitely a crowd-pleaser. In fact, according to Delish, just the smell of it can make people nicer. People love bread so much that Texas Roadhouse, the steakhouse that specializes in Southwestern-style fare, spends a ton of money on it every year. They also spend a lot of money on their complimentary peanuts. But peanuts were not always in the cards for the steakhouse chain.

Travis Doster, Senior Director of Public and Government Relations for Texas Roadhouse, explained to the National Peanut Board that peanuts, part of the brand's core identity, were not the company's first choice of complimentary snack. Doster says that the founder of the chain "originally thought about popcorn." However, popcorn overpowered the smell of their bread. "So the idea of peanuts was born. And the idea of peanuts and bread was to immediately give folks, especially families with their kids, something to eat," he added.

Bread and peanuts cost millions per year

While the bread and peanuts might be free to customers, you will likely be amazed at just how much the steakhouse chain spends on the snacks that so many now expect free of charge. Doster told the National Peanut Board that Texas Roadhouse spends more than $20 million on peanuts and bread in a single year, and that included more than 10 million pounds of peanuts. But the payoff the steakhouse chain gets from the complimentary foods is clearly well worth the investment.

Apart from the recognition that the chain gets for its peanuts and bread, Texas Roadhouse has even been able to break into markets anew. People have come to know and love their peanuts so much that the chain now sells seven-ounce bags of peanuts at some sports centers across the country, according to the National Peanut Board. So, you can even look for your favorite peanuts at your next ball game — but you'll have to pay for them there.