Twitter Can't Believe What Was Found In This Aldi Potato Chip Bag

A bag of potato chips is meant to be a reliable snack that doesn't involve surprises aside from the occasional folded chip. Sure if you are trying a new and exciting flavor, you might find that the contents of the bag are unexpected and unfamiliar to your taste buds. However, you would probably react differently if you reached into a brand new package of potato chips and found yourself awkwardly clutching a whole potato. While finding a potato is certainly less worrisome than reaching for an unidentified object that might not even be edible, it isn't exactly what you hope for when eating chips.

Hopefully, this situation is merely hypothetical for you, but for a woman in West Yorkshire, England, it allegedly became reality. The woman, identified as Leah, told that upon digging into a pack of chips during her lunch break, she made the unfortunate discovery. On top of the startling effect it had on her, there wasn't much else in the bag and Leah adds, "All I got with it was one soggy crisp."

Was it real?

Leah explained that she had bought the chips in a multipack from Aldi and none of the others had any anomalies (via The comments on's Twitter post are mixed. Some suggest the whole story is fake and that a bag of potato chips (or rather, a bag of potato and chip) wouldn't end up in a store like that. But one user claimed, "This actually legit happened to me once." Aldi issued a statement to, apologizing that its "usual high standards were not met." The company suggested that the customer return the chips for a refund and to allow them to assess the issue.

Some people spun jokes on the whole situation, mocking the woman's shocked reaction at finding a potato in a bag of potato chips (via Twitter). One user compared the chips to IKEA furniture, calling them "Aldi self-unassemble crisps." A few users commented on the fact that she would have likely felt a difference in the weight of the bag prior to opening it. But maybe when you're craving chips, sometimes you just grab a bag and tear it open, eager for that first satisfying crunch.