Trader Joe's Fans Can't Wait To Try This Returning Truffle Salami

While popular retailer Trader Joe's has no shortage of delicious products with serious fan followings, one guaranteed-to-sell-out speciality item that recently returned to store shelves has created a buzz among shoppers.

The popular Instagram account Trader Joe's List posted an image of the seasonal Trader Joe's Truffle Salami with the caption: "IT'S BACK! TRUFFLE SALAMI... If you're a salami fan and a truffle fan then get over to [Trader Joe's] now! I find the truffle flavor to be pretty mild. It's present on the first bite and quickly fades, but [the] salami flavor is delish! This makes the perfect addition to your fall meat and cheese boards!"

The flavored salami, which retails for just $4.99 — a steal for any real-truffle product — is made with black truffles sourced from Italy. According to Trader Joe's description of the product, the truffles contained in the cured meat are sourced from the Italian region of Umbria, where truffle hunters and their trained dogs pick out ripe, lumpy mushrooms. After the black summer truffles, which are found May through September, are harvested, Trader Joe's partners with one of the oldest family-owned salumerias in Italy to craft the limited-time product. 

The internet is buzzing over the item's return to Trader Joe's

During the salami production process, which is overseen by an esteemed salumiere, according to Trader Joe's, the met is seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic before being infused with the black summer truffles. The salami is then stuffed into a casing and dried for 3 to 4 weeks before heading to stores. The resulting cured meat is rich and salty with sweet and savory truffle-infused notes reminiscent of chocolate and garlic. The retailer recommends serving the truffles with a glass of Cabernet and your favorite cheese, or chopped up and mixed into in a homemade risotto or pasta dish.

The Instagram post hailing the return of the gourmet product racked up over 16,000 likes and hundred of comments from excited shoppers, like @kwp8 who wrote: "This is my hands. Down. Favorite. Holiday. Charcuterie item." Meanwhile, user @kristen_1621 lamented about the hard-to-get product, writing, "It was on back order for my store all last year! I hope I get to try it this year."

"This is probably one of the best deals you can find for any sort of truffle salami on the market," one blogger wrote in a 2016 review of the product. "While this isn't a dry or hard type of product (typically aged and very robust in flavor), it still delivers a huge wallop of intensity." The Truffle Salami is available at Trader Joe's retailers now — if you're lucky enough to find it.