The One Dish Aarón Sánchez Always Orders Out

We always trust Aarón Sánchez when it comes to food advice. Whether it's which ingredients to always keep stocked in our pantries or what his favorite at-home recipes are (via Insider), Sánchez has the knowledge we're constantly looking for. We look to him not just as an entertainer, but a trusted source for all things food.

The latest advice from the celeb chef? The one dish he always orders when eating out at a restaurant. While the star is obviously a big player in the Latin and Mexican cuisine arenas (via Good Morning America), that doesn't mean Sánchez doesn't appreciate the fine recipes of other cultures. His advice is two-fold: It's a combination of which dishes the chef likes to enjoy when out for leisure (of course, there might always be a little expert judgement involved), and a suggestion of how to make your next outing as decadent as possible. That being said, his preferred dish to order at a restaurant might just surprise you.

Aarón Sánchez only orders this dish out and never makes it at home

In a recent interview with Food Network, the chef was asked about which ingredients he doesn't like to cook with, the foods he doesn't enjoy eating, and his must-have dishes when he's out on the town.

When asked which dish he always orders out but never makes at home, Sánchez responded simply with "fresh pastas," and we definitely understand why. Really fresh, handmade pastas aren't found everywhere — only those restaurants dedicated to that offering, who have committed to the time and ingredients required to make them, have the bragging rights to add them to their menus.

Bon Appétit covered the art form with chef Evan Funke, detailing just how much attention to detail goes into crafting perfect, fresh pasta. When you're getting that level of dedication to the process, you know the end result is going to be good. So, to Sánchez' credit, we absolutely understand the desire to enjoy that luxury without destroying our own kitchens to get it.