This Is Carla Hall's Favorite Part Of Judging A Cooking Show

Celebrity chef Carla Hall has been in the food industry for a long time. According to TVOvermind, she originally studied accounting and worked in the corporate space for a couple of years before realizing that she wasn't cut out for such a trade. The job was too dull for her. She then decided to throw caution to the winds and pursued a different career as a model. Being exposed to several cuisines around the world during this time made her seriously think about being a part of the food industry.

Always up for a challenge, Hall proceeded to study the culinary arts at L'Academie de Cuisine in Maryland. In a few years, Hall would become a well-known figure in the world of food and even joined food television, becoming a household name among viewers with appearances on "Top Chef" and "Halloween Baking Championship." Looking back at the many projects she's been a part of, Hall said there's one thing in particular that she loves about being a judge. 

Carla Hall loves interacting with other judges

For Hall, nothing is as interesting as speaking to other food experts on a cooking show, according to Insider. She finds these interactions to be highly rewarding. The chef said that she tends to enjoy speaking about different culinary challenges on the show with her peers and discussing their thoughts on how they would overcome obstacles as participants. Hall explained, "I love that back and forth ... A lot of that gets lost — I don't even think it makes it to camera — but we get super excited about that."

Plus, Hall appreciates how useful these conversations can be. There's so much to learn, after all! She spoke about working with Duff Goldman and being taken aback by his talent. She said that hearing him speak was "a masterclass" and she forgot for a bit that she wasn't a part of the audience. Hall added, "I just wish I had my phone on record every time he talks."