This Expensive McDonald's Menu Item Will Cost You Around $30

People will do anything to get their hands on a chicken sandwich, whether it be waiting in the Chick-fil-A drive-thru for hours at a time or getting in a knife fight in the Popeyes parking lot. There's just something about chicken sandwiches that causes people to make questionable decisions. For McDonald's in Lebanon, that translates to paying upwards of $30 for a single Grand Chicken Deluxe, or the slightly meatier Grand Chicken Special (via McDonald's). 

Lebanon's Grand Chicken Deluxe bears resemblance to the Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich from the U.S. menu; however, the chicken is Halal and the sandwich is topped with two slices of Emmental cheese — whereas the U.S. version has no cheese at all — and it uses a mayonnaise-mustard sauce instead of plain mayo. The Grand Chicken Special, which does not have a U.S. counterpart, is the same as the Deluxe, but with the addition of arugula, a slice of chicken luncheon meat, and Dijon mustard instead of the mayonnaise-mustard spread.

Why is the chicken sandwich at McDonald's Lebanon so expensive?

While $30 for a Grand Chicken Deluxe might seem outright unreasonable for a McDonald's sandwich, that's only in comparison with the U.S. menu. According to Expensivity, it's just that expensive, in general, to eat at a McDonald's in Lebanon. In fact, Lebanon is home to the most expensive McDonald's in the entire world.

That has nothing to do with the fast food market there, but rather the country's inflation. For comparison, a McDonald's Happy Meal in Lebanon is approximately five times the global average. And if you thought the Grand Chicken Deluxe was a lot, there are even pricier offerings on the menu. The 9-piece McNuggets, for example, are 57,000 LBP, or almost $40, and if you want a family bundle, you'll have to dole out 177,000 LBP, which is about $115. So, the next time you decide to have a meal at your local McDonald's, assuming it's not located in Lebanon, consider yourself lucky that it doesn't cost you a fortune.