This Fry Theft Has Alton Brown Fans Laughing

Alton Brown is at it again, by which we mean making his fans laugh over on Twitter. If you follow him, you know that he likes to show off his sense of humor on social media, so this is par for the course as far as his content goes.

Brown's charming, quirky worldview has helped him become one of the most successful chefs on television. Besides making jokes, Brown is a renowned chef who has been on the Food Network for almost 20 years, where he's hosted the unique fan-favorite comedic food history show "Good Eats" and its sequel series "Good Eats: The Return." He's released music and cookbooks, appeared on "Iron Chef" and "Cutthroat Kitchen," and earned James Beard Awards and a Peabody award for his work (via Food Network).

He's definitely an interesting character who loves to entertain people and presents his exciting way of engaging with the world to all of his fans. His latest tweet is no different.

Alton Brown wants you to cover your fries

The tweet went up around lunchtime on October 28. Alton Brown shared a video of what appeared to be a normal lunch out. Brown was seated at a counter next to a man who was enjoying his meal, which included a sandwich, a glass of water, and a small bowl of fries. Coincidentally, the fries were a bit closer to Brown than they were to the man who was eating them.

The sandwich must have been delicious because the man was absolutely engrossed as he picked it up and prepared to take a bite. He was so distracted that Brown took the opportunity to sneakily reach between them to the bowl of fries and steal one. The man didn't even notice. Brown uploaded the video with the caption, "People ... cover your fries!"

Fans in the comments can't take Brown's antics without cracking up. One commented, "Did you just take a man's fry?!" Brown responded with, "Yeah ... so?" Another fan remarked that leaving fries out for Alton Brown is the appropriate thing to do. In any case, it was certainly a delight to see Brown up to his usual antics.