The Big Change Coming To Target's Black Friday Deals

It's that time of year again, everyone. Is that special cozy time of year when everyone gets together to spend an evening with loved ones around a delicious home-cooked dinner and watch a few games of football together with friends? Or is it that time of year when a mass mob storms the local Best Buy like the Bastille and you have everyone from crazy soccer moms to folks who've been camped outside the store since Wednesday roughing each other up for a flat-screen TV or smart dishwasher that they neither need nor can afford? Yes, Black Friday has long been associated with good deals and people losing all sanity since, according to Zillionist, some people love a good deal more than others. 

While Black Friday is a day that most people do their shopping, companies have begun to expand the days when they have big sales both online and in-store, allowing you to save more money and spend less time dealing with wild crowds. Amazon's "Pre-Black Friday" sale has been going on since October 4 and Walmart starts their "Black Friday Deals for Days" as early as November 3 (via CBS). Target is joining in on early sales events as well, but with a few changes that separate them from their competitors. 

Target's Holiday Best event will last a week

Beginning October 31, Target will be running their "Holiday Best" deals events (via PR Newswire).  Customers who shop at Target from October 31 to November 6 will be able to purchase everything from electronics, toys, and kitchen appliances to apparel at significantly reduced prices. These "Holiday Best," according to Target, are meant to give the consumer confidence in knowing that they are getting the best price of the season.

"We know many of our guests are looking to shop early this season, and that value is incredibly important to them, especially during this time of year," executive vice president and chief growth officer Christina Hennington said in a statement of the deals, which will be available both online and in stores (via USA TODAY).

From November 4 to the 6, Target will add even more deals to the list, allowing the customer to take full advantage of low prices during the last few days of the event. In the event that a "Holiday Best" item's price goes lower later on, Target will allow the guest to price match the item and will also match a competitor's price within 14 days of purchase (via PR Newswire).

While Black Friday may be a bit different than we are used to, a good deal will never change.