Cryptocurrency Fans Won't Want To Miss This Burger King Promotion

If you've always been interested in cryptocurrency but haven't been sure about where to begin, Burger King might be able to set you in the right direction. The fast-food giant is working with Robinhood to bring its Royal Perks members an opportunity they shouldn't miss — the chance to win what they're calling "a side of cryptocurrency" (via USA Today).

From now until November 21 (or until they run out of prizes), Burger King says that every order of $5 or more made through the Burger King app, on the website, or at the restaurant will net the member a chance to get some cryptocurrency. Those eligible will need to ask for "My Code," which is the special code needed during checkout. 

Coindesk says most of the winners can expect to receive a dogecoin; an estimated one in every 10,000 will get an ethereum, while one in every 100,000 will get a "complete" bitcoin. As of writing, one dogecoin is worth 27 cents (via Yahoo); an ethereum is worth 4,351.94 (via Yahoo); and a bitcoin is worth an eye-watering 61,551.72 (via Yahoo). Coindesk also says you need a Robinhood account to claim your prize.

Burger King and Robinhood — a 'natural fit'

Maria Posada, who is VP of Burger King's digital guest experience has called the company's partnership with Robinhood a "natural fit" because she said the restaurant is "offering crypto in a way that's accessible and digestible (literally and figuratively) — through our food" (via USA Today). 

Fortune totaled the amount of crypto that Burger King is giving away during this promotion (so you don't have to). The outlet says 2 million dogecoin, 200 ethereum, and 20 bitcoin are up for grabs, making this a pretty nifty lucky dip, indeed.

For more conservative investors, picking up cryptocurrency along with your burger, fries, and Coke may be a good way to learn more about this intangible investment. Fans of digital currency believe that the better known cryptos like bitcoin and ethereum are more likely to have staying power. Motley Fool notes that bitcoin fans see their crypto of choice as "digital gold" with the ability to become more valuable as time passes, while ethereum houses numerous currencies on its platform.