Reddit Is Blown Away By This Stunning Geode Cake

Creative bakers have been decorating cakes for centuries, according to Cake Decorist, which tracks the origins of cakes-as-visual art to the first Queen Elizabeth, who apparently loved anchoring her banquets with cakes decorated in molded marzipan.

Over the centuries, bakers have honed their cake decorating techniques, and with the advent of social media, many more people have the opportunity to see their work. Now that cake decorators of all stripes have a platform on which to show off their intricate work, cake decorating has been rising to the level of a competitive sport, inspiring the creation of cakes that are not merely decorated with sugar-dough flowers and ribbons but are actually built to resemble real-life objects. And when it comes to real-life objects, the past few years have seen the ante upped from sheet cakes molded to resemble cartoon characters and Easter bunnies, to cakes that could actually pass for real-life objects.

So realistic-looking are some of these works of cake artistry that it can feel almost like a shock to witness their being sliced into. That's where the "geode cake" trend has come in. Cake decorating enthusiasts have been making cakes that look like geodes  — crystal-lined rocks — for a number of years now (via Sugar Geek Show), but right now, Reddit is being blown away by one particularly stunning geode cake posted to the Food Porn subreddit. 

Imagine how blown away Redditors would be if they could see this geode cake in person

One foodie recently posted a photo of a "vanilla geode cake" on the Food Porn subreddit, and Redditors were amazed by its beauty and craftsmanship.

"Look at that," one Redditor gushed enthusiastically upon viewing the picture. "Is it a gemstone? Is it a crystal? Is it a work of art?" they went on to ask rhetorically. "No, it is an amazing cake!" Although we can't opine as to whether this vanilla geode cake tasted as amazing as it looked, what we can say with great confidence is that — at least from the photo — this cake looks astonishingly similar to an actual geode that has been cracked open to reveal an abundance of gorgeous purple amethyst crystals. Nevertheless, those intensely-hued crystals are made entirely of sugar, as the OP confirmed for one Redditor who asked if they were made of rock candy.

Accordingly, not only is this geode cake edible, but it most likely will not damage anyone's cake knife when they go to indulge. We can't say the same for their teeth, however. Although chomping on sugar crystals probably won't break your teeth, the resulting sugar-saliva bath cannot be optimal for your enamel. The moral of the story? Brush after eating!