The Problem Shoppers Are Having With Aldi's Bagels

Like pizza, bagels can bring out strong feelings in people — especially New Yorkers. When you buy from a store, you lower your expectations slightly... but, as one member of the Aldi subreddit discovered, maybe you should lower them a little more.

Per The Conversation, grocery store Aldi focuses on targeting on a subsection of the food-shopping market. That group, the outlet claims, is willing to accept a more restricted range of products (and perhaps lower quality items) in order to save money. But it is also the same group of people who would be happy with a cheap, good-tasting bagel. You would think so, anyway.

Recently, one Redditor found — and posted — a misshapen Aldi bagel that doesn't exactly look like how a bagel should. Here's how Aldi shoppers (including the OP) reacted to the oddly specific bagel, which has not only divided the comment section, but also the consumer's own opinion.

This Aldi bagel seems to be frowning

One Redditor on the Aldi subreddit couldn't resist sharing a photo of their bagel on the site, joking about its almost human-like "face." "I've been a little disappointed with the quality control on the l'oven fresh bagels lately," they wrote. "But this bagel was disappointed in me." A picture of the bagel in question, as seen above, portrayed a bagel blobule — complete with a line for its non-existent hole — did indeed appear to be biting its lower lip in a frown. 

One person who responded expressed their frustration with Aldi bagels, too. "The bagels have been weird more often than not for the past few months it seems," they replied, claiming that the "halves" of the item — if the bagel is even sliced — are often uneven. "They're either not cut all the way or one side is way bigger than the other," the Redditor alleged.

All that said, the people who are disappointed by the misshapen bagels will continue to buy them from Aldi. The OP of the thread literally said so: "I keep going back for more. I don't know how to quit them." As did the person who complained about the disparity of the bagel halves. "Yeah they're still really good," the user wrote. "Hard to complain when they're less than $2/bag."

Plus, some even defended the deformed bagel. In their view, the bagels that lacked a central hole were superior because any spreads or ingredients you put into the bagel won't spill out so easily.