How Chipotle Employees Really Feel When You Order A Quesarito

Mexican food enthusiasts' lives were changed for the better when word got around that Chipotle could make a notorious, cheesy delicacy called a Quesarito. The secret menu item was first ideated in 2011, and even inspired competitor Taco Bell to create a product of the same name in 2014 (via Taco Bell Wiki).

If you have not ordered this gigantic, cheesy, tortilla monster, a Quesarito is essentially a burrito within a cheese quesadilla. Because the cheese is melted in the quesadilla, the burrito is enveloped in this warm, cheesy tortilla blanket that is so comforting when bitten into. Since you can customize your burrito in any way that you want to, and very few people dislike cheese, this concoction has a wide appeal with the masses.

The Quesarito sits high on the rankings of Chipotle products. Spoon University ranked it first on its list of secret menu items at Chipotle.

The truth about the Quesarito

So how can you not be a fan? Well, if you're a Chipotle employee, you have all the reasons not to be. One Reddit user, @chipocray, stated that the Quesarito is a nightmare for Chipotle workers to make, especially during peak hours. "Please for the love of Spongebob do not order this if there is a long line," the user begged.

We are all too familiar with the Starbucks baristas' pain and judgment when someone orders a long, complicated drink, especially when there is a long line. Per a previous Mashed article, one employee stated that making a Quesarito can put their fingers at risk for being burned.

Nonetheless, ordering a Quesarito is fine, just try not to order one during the lunchtime rush. Also be aware that one usually costs $3.50 more than a regular burrito, according to Eater. But for the amount of food you're getting, it's likely worth trying, at least once.