The Worst Donut At Dunkin According To 24% Of People

Although the brand's coffee might give people a running boost to start their day, many people also have a strong preference about the types of donuts available at Dunkin. With an overflowing bakery case and seemingly countless flavor options, the choices might seem overwhelming. But, if the worst donut is the only one left on the shelf, many people might pass on that sweet treat.

Though donuts are a mainstay at Dunkin, that doesn't mean they should be taken for granted. According to Savuer, it can take up to nine months to perfect a new flavor. Although the chain's new offerings are often inspired by other existing donuts, creating that new flavor is often more complicated than just adding an extra ingredient to the mixing bowl. Given that new flavors offered by the chain tend to riff on donuts we already know and love, this recent Mashed survey of 604 respondents proves that one classic donut might not be the best starting point.

Even Dunkin coffee can make people like this worst donut flavor

Many people have a favorite donut flavor, but they also probably have a least favorite donut that they wouldn't mind seeing disappear, like when Dunkin rebranded and dropped "donuts" from its name. Mashed's survey of 604 respondents showed that 24% agree that Dunkin's worst donut is the one known as "plain stick." While the voter's exact reasoning is unclear — it could be the name "plain stick" — the idea of a plain donut can be boring, especially given the rainbow of flavors in the bakery case.

As for the other worst donuts, Maple creme was disliked by 17.72% of voters, Chocolate coconut by 17.22%, and Jelly by 17.05%. Apple fritter got 10.76% of the distaste, and Boston Kreme got 8.11%. Glazed came out on top; only 4.97% of voters disliked it. Although this unscientific food survey was for fun, the reality is that consumers' opinions matter. While rumors always swirl about changes to restaurant menus, consumer preferences can and should impact those decisions. If those stick donuts aren't being sold, maybe it is time to replace them with more riffs on that classic glaze. Whether or not the worst donut disappears from the menu remains to be seen, but when picking up a dozen donuts for the office, it might be best to skip the plain stick.