Costco Shoppers Are Divided On These Marshmallow Mug Toppers

What's your favorite thing about the winter months? Is it warming your wool sock-covered toes by a crackling fire? Making snow angels in freshly fallen powder? Skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing across a winter wonderland? Or is it the hearty, warming foods and drinks?

We don't know about you, but we'll take any cold day as an excuse to enjoy a hearty hot beverage, whether it's a creamy mocha, an uplifting tea, or a spiked drink such as mulled wine or Spanish coffee. But perhaps our favorite winter beverage of all is a classic hot chocolate, rich with creamy milk, good-quality cocoa, and, hopefully, a hefty cap of sweet whipped cream.

And if you really want to go above and beyond with your hot cocoa this season, Costco has a new topper option for you: disks of Belgian marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with crushed peppermint candy (via TikTok). This product is made by the Melville Candy company, which specializes in gourmet lollipops and chocolate (via the Melville Candy website). Sounds like a delicious addition to a hot drink, right? Well, as it turns out, shoppers don't agree on whether these toppers, are a worthwhile purchase or not.

Some shoppers think $9 is a steep price for 12 marshmallows

If you love limited-time-only holiday foods and drinks, the Melville Marshmallow Mug Toppers sold at Costco sound like they would be heavenly enjoyed atop a steaming latte or creamy hot chocolate. Over on TikTok, the account @costcohotfinds, which tracks intriguing new offerings from the wholesale giant, posted a video of the sweet treat, which she enjoyed with a mocha latte. "It was actually crazy good, and fun to eat the marshmallow at the end," the user noted in the video. But some commenters weren't sold on one thing in particular: the price.

"12 MARSHMALLOWS FOR 9 DOLLARS," wrote Cherish Eaton in all caps along with a trio of woozy-faced emojis. "What? 9 bucks? People who earn 15.00 an hour can't afford that," added user marti. Still, some Costco shoppers had tried the pricy 'mallows and liked them. "I don't even like dark chocolate my husband (who is Belgian) does but these are sooooo good," commented Tonya Lyn Harbeson. So if you love marshmallows and have $9 burning a hole in your pocket, these choco-dipped toppers might be worth a shot this holiday season.