A New Zealand Couple May Have Just Found The Worlds Largest Potato

A spud by another name does not weigh the same as Doug the Spud. While that touch of alliteration might have mashed an old phrase, the reality is that this particular potato deserves its moment in the sun. After a New Zealand couple unearthed this terrific tater, the positively prolific piece of produce could be one for the Guinness World Record book. Until then, everyone is marveling at the sight of Doug, the New Zealand potato.

As reported by the Associated Press, Colin and Donna Craig-Brown grew a quite triumphant tuber. While Donna commented that the giant potato's appearance might not be picture perfect, the couple could not believe that this spectacular spud grew in their garden. Hidden in the weeds, they believe that the potato was self-sown and do not know if there was any particular gardening secret to growing potentially the world's largest potato. As the couple waits for word back from the Guinness World Records, Doug, so named because it was dug from the ground, has become quite a celebrity in Hamilton, New Zealand (per CBS News). As captured on Facebook, Doug has his own potato wagon, got dressed up, and made many people smile. Now, he has been sent to the deep chill of the freezer as Doug hopes to earn the title of world's largest potato.

How much does the world's largest potato weigh?

When Colin and Donna Craig-Brown unearthed Doug the potato, they knew that the special spud was not the typical baking Russet. According to a farm store's weigh-in, Doug tips the scale at 7.8 kg, which is over 17 pounds (per AP News). Currently, Guinness World Records states the world record for the heaviest potato is held by Shepton Mattet of Somerset, U.K. His potato weighed a whopping 4.98 kg or 10 pounds, 14 ounces. Although not official, it would seem that Doug from New Zealand could bury the competition and earn the crown as world's largest potato.

As the Craig-Browns await word on the potential food infamy, another question lingers. What does a person do with such a large potato? Given the size, it could be mashed potatoes for the whole town. According to CBS News, Colin Craig-Brown is an amateur brewer and is considering turning Doug into some vodka. If that idea comes to fruition, just think of the people thirsty to get a sip of a special vodka made from the world's largest potato. Wonder if there is a Guinness World Record category for that idea?