Great British Bake Off's Letter From George Will Break Fans' Hearts

George Aristidou of "Great British Bake Off" is a pretty wholesome guy. According to Radio Times, he hails from London and is of Greek-Cypriot descent. Aristidou was raised in a close family and today has three children with his childhood love, with whom he enjoys bike riding. It doesn't get much more noble and respectable than this, which is why we were all dismayed when the baker was subject to a social media onslaught of trolls stating that he should have been eliminated in a previous episode. Aristidou responded with an Instagram story encouraging viewers to treat others with love instead of hate.

Aristidou was eventually eliminated from the show during Caramel Week, which he called "a flipping nightmare." But Aristidou didn't have any hard feelings about leaving "GBBO." "I kind of knew it was time to go. No one wants to go home, but I was very happy that I managed to get this far," he said (via Wales Online).

George Aristidou left GBBO with a sense of love and gratitude

As George Aristidou left the show, he penned a sweet letter to the cast that "GBBO" posted on Twitter. In the letter, he expressed his sadness about leaving, but also his gratitude for the memories made on the show as well as the "life long friends" he met. Aristidou extends an extra thank you to his family, who he says "had to cope with weeks of frantic baking, meltdown, and a very messy kitchen!" He signs off the letter with "Lots of Love, George."

The love poured in from fans and "GBBO" bakers alike. Fellow contestant Freya Cox commented on one of Aristidou's Instagram posts, which is equally heartbreaking and features a video of him tossing down his apron and walking away. "One of the sweetest people I've ever met and feel so blessed to be friends with," Cox wrote. One fan commented with encouragement, telling Aristidou, "Anyone who makes it this far is a success already."