Padma Lakshmi's Diwali Family Throwbacks Are Turning Heads

Padma Lakshmi is no stranger to turning heads with her fabulous looks, and these throwback Diwali pics prove that she takes it to another level year after year for the festival of lights. 2021's post was captioned simply, "Happy Diwali to all who celebrate!!" (via Instagram). Fans were quick to wish Lakshmi a happy Diwali back, sending love, light, and of course, compliments on the beautiful pics. The post featured three photos of Padma and her daughter Krishna Thea at different ages. The first pic shows a young, elementary-aged Krishna in a shiny white saree with dark red and gold edging, with mom Lakshmi posing in shades of gold atop a red, green, and gold plaid.

The next image of Padma and Krishna is from 2019. A photo she reshared during the 2020 pandemic features Padma again in shades of gold, this time with vibrant crimson details and Krishna in a blue so deep it's almost black (via Instagram). In the caption, she detailed her Diwali plans for 2020, demonstrating her activism and celebration of the season: "Me and #littlehands on Diwali this time last year Tomorrow I'll be doing an IG Live at 3pm EST where I'll be cooking Aloo Tikki We'll be raising money for @sakhinyc, a survivor-led organization for gender-justice for South Asian women. Link in bio to donate!"

When it comes to Hindu culture (and food), the "Top Chef" host is always happy to share more with her audience.

Padma brings color to the festival of lights

The third photo shared is clearly about 10 years old, since according to People, little Krishna is now 11. It shows the adorable babe as an infant in pink and gold saree, with mom Padma draped in ocean blue and gold (via Instagram). Always one to share about her culture, faith, and traditions, Lakshmi previously invited cameras to see her 2019 Diwali party, featuring elaborate decor like flowers, an altar, and brightly draped fabrics (via Bravo TV).

A highlight of these celebrations for both foodie mom and young Krishna may be the plates of mithai, which feature traditional sweets, and snacks such as pani puri, a crunchy Indian street food and a favorite of young Krishna. Pani puri is made from hollow fried dough balls stuffed with potato, moong sprouts, chickpeas, or a white pea curry (via Veg Recipes of India). Each bite is also mixed with spicy, tangy water and a sweet chutney.

Enjoy a belated festival of light celebration by making your own delicious chaat, or simply sit back and admire these photos of Lakshmi.