Twitter Is Super Confused By Skittles' New Website

Skittles, the candy giant that wants consumers to "taste the rainbow," seems pretty pumped up about its new website. But man, are the people ever confused by the site's new security measures.

On November 5, the company tweeted an ultra-excited message. "I have a website again!!! And it's on the internet!! And it probably works on your phone this time too!" Those are all good (albeit random) things to scream about, of course. The previous site must have been pretty old school, so the brand continued to poke fun at itself with follow-up tweets like, "Yes I have entered 1999," and "yes, it's definitely compatible with your fancy new Blackberry."

While we definitely appreciate any brand that can make fun of itself in tongue-in-cheek fashion, some of the other additions to the website have people scratching their heads (and poking fun in regular fashion). You see, while it's customary for company's that peddle alcohol, tobacco, gambling services, or porn to ask consumers to enter their birthdate before being allowed to proceed (correct one or not, does not really matter). So, why's Skittles asking the same?

Skittles wants to know this personal detail

Upon visiting Skittles' website, a pop-up says, "Not to be chewsy, but first we need to know your birthday to make sure you can handle this much fun." It also suggests visiting the link to the Mars Marketing Code for more information about "responsible use of our products." (Cue confusion, panic, and lots of ribbing.) 

Bob Sly replied to Skittles' tweet with, "Why is it asking my age???? I just want lime skittles!!!!" To which Skittles replied, "You must be over 18 to enjoy lime Skittles... IF they even exist." Obviously, that's neither accurate, nor helpful because the last time we checked, Skittles didn't have any banned or regulated substances. Leah Russell tried again: "...why the age question?" To which Skittles replied, "To make sure you're old enough."

We don't have any clear answers yet, but Rich was hopeful that he might parlay the odd age request into something beneficial. "If I give this site my age will I get Skittles gum to come back?" he asked. Can't blame a guy for trying!