Trader Joe's New Gingerbread Cake & Cookie Mix Had Fans Freaking Out

Sugar, spice, and everything nice takes on a new meaning at Trader Joe's now that their Gingerbread Cake and Cookie Mix is available in stores. While grandma might have a secret holiday cookie recipe, this "quick shortcut mix" spotted by @Traderjoesaficionado on Instagram could have even the most novice baker feeling like the Holiday Baking Champion. Given that the mix can be both a cake and a cookie, there are double the reasons to celebrate this holiday treat. According to the box, the mix makes about eight servings.

Although chocolate and peppermint are classic holiday flavors, gingerbread is equally as popular. While making gingerbread houses is a great way to keep the kids busy during the holiday season, the spiced treat has more benefits than just festive fun. According to Bustle, many people crave gingerbread during the holidays because of its calming properties. Just like ginger settles an upset stomach, gingerbread after a hearty meal can help lessen the burden of all those holiday indulgences. Based on Trader Joe's fans reactions, this new gingerbread cake and cookie mix is a real treat.

What makes Trader Joe's new gingerbread mix so good?

When the holiday season comes along, cookies, cakes, and desserts fill the kitchen. While The Takeout reported that chocolate chip cookies are America's favorite holiday cookie, the new gingerbread cake and cookie mix from Trader Joe's might just give the classic cookie a run for its money.

As @TraderJoesFoodReviews shared on Instagram, this new mix has bold flavors of ginger and molasses, and the cookies it made were "chewy, soft, and delicious." There are crystalized ginger pieces are incorporated into the mix, but the Instagram account noted they would have preferred that ingredient to be separate — perhaps as a garnish instead. Some comments acknowledged that the crystalized ginger can be overwhelming, and that you could try customizing the ginger strength by sifting out the pieces. But, some credit should be given for using the crystalized ginger, which gives the mix a more authentic flavor. For the home baker who wants ease in the kitchen, it seems that Trader Joe's has delivered the perfect holiday gift.