The Famous VIP You Didn't Know Pepper Teigen Cooked For - Exclusive

Pepper Thai — aka Pepper Teigen, aka Vilailuck Teigen, aka Chrissy Teigen's mama, and all-around superwoman in her own right — has cooked for some enormous names. This must, more or less, come with the territory when you're sharing a roof with Chrissy and John Legend. Back in April, she taught Kelly Clarkson and Patrick Schwarzenegger to make Pad Korat on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" — which you can catch on YouTube. "Oh my god, this is so good!" Clarkson exclaimed when she bit in. Don't take her word for it, though. Pepper Teigen's got a New York Times best-selling cookbook to prove her prowess in the kitchen (via The New York Times).

In June, Teigen taught Giada De Laurentiis to make her Fried Chicken Larb, which De Laurentiis shouted out as "delicious," and "so beautiful," and "absolutely divine." (You still have time to catch the two of them chatting and making the dish together on Instagram.) Off-camera, the Teigen family matriarch has plenty of experience cooking for VIPs, too. Her dinner guests, as she recently revealed to Mashed in an exclusive interview, include a certain former senator of New York, former first lady, former secretary of state, and former presidential candidate, all rolled into one.

Pepper Teigen cooked for Hillary Clinton, this is how it went

Yes, Pepper Teigen has cooked for Hillary Clinton. And, as she exclusively revealed to Mashed, she didn't break a sweat. "You know, I cooked for Hilary Clinton one night and it [was] no pressure for me," she revealed. "I'll never forget it. And I loved it." What exactly did Teigen prepare? "I made sticky rice mango," along with "custard in a pocket," Pepper told Mashed. You can go ahead and assume that if Teigen prepared it hot, Clinton didn't blink an eye. One of Clinton's former aides once dished to Associated Press that the former secretary of state is capable of downing raw jalapeños "like potato chips" (via The Week).

And then there's the fact that, like Pepper Teigen and her daughter Chrissy, Hillary Clinton takes hot sauce with her everywhere. Clinton prefers a kind of sriracha by the name of Ninja Squirrel — if you believe what the Clinton campaign told Time. Chrissy, of course, prefers Cholula (according to Pop Sugar), although Pepper prepares a special hot sauce for her and her daughter that they put on "everything." Seems like Pepper Teigen cooking for Hillary Clinton was a match made in spice heaven.

For more Pepper Teigen-approved recipes (which you can prepare as hot as your heart desires), check out the recently-aired Food Network special, "Getting Spicy With Pepper Teigen." Which you can now stream on Discovery +.