Reddit Thinks They've Found The World's Most Remote Burger King

Most of us have messed around with virtual maps for one reason or another. They're just entertaining, whether you're typing in your home address to see it from a bird's eye view or virtually exploring the Colosseum from your couch(via Popular Mechanics). Those who have spent their fair share of time playing with Google Maps have likely uncovered some weird things, such as strange patterns in the Gobi Desert or a doll village in Japan (via The Travel). Google Maps street view even captured the identities of two Oklahoma City robbers, according to The Sun. And of course, there was that moment we thought Google Maps caught someone disposing of a body in a lake. (It's okay, Express revealed that it was just two people and a dog sitting on a pier!)

But in 2021, one Redditor took to the site's Google Maps forum to post yet another discovery: There was a Burger King on a faraway island. While a remote Burger King might not seem as weird as the pigeon people in Japan (via HuffPost), it gets a lot weirder — even weirder than this fast food chain's own creepy Burger King mascot.

Burger King in the middle of nowhere?

Along the eastern side of the Saudi Arabian peninsula lies the country of Oman. And it is on an island off the coast of Oman that Redditors discovered what is perhaps the world's most remote Burger King. One person commented, "Somebody wanted it their way... all the way over there." Another wondered if "a Burger King wrapper that didn't biodegrade found itself perched" on the island, hence the pin drop. All jokes aside, the island is, in fact, uninhabited and lacking a Burger King establishment.

This may be sad news for anyone planning one whopper of a trip to this island, but you can still pick up your Burger King favorite at any one of the chain's 7000 U.S. locations. We may never know how Burger King came to exist virtually on a desolate island, but perhaps this will inspire us all to make our dreams of travel a reality.