Over 50% Of Fans Agree This Is The Best Burger King Menu Item

There are plenty of places to turn to when a quick trip through the drive-thru sounds better than spending time in the kitchen to whip up a full meal. Among the choices of fast food hot spots, Burger King remains one of the more popular establishments. In fact, the Florida-based restaurant is the second-largest hamburger chain in the world, serving more than 11 million people daily across its 18,600-plus worldwide locations (via Statista and Burger King). And that got us to thinking, what is it that all those customers regard as the premier item on the BK menu? 

To find out, Mashed conducted a survey in which 649 individuals in the United States listed the Burger King menu item they regarded as the best, whether it be the Whopper, Impossible Whopper, Rodeo Burger, Ch'King Sandwich, or Bacon King. While all of these are certainly tasty options, one took the crown compared to the rest.

Despite the fact that a number of fans were delighted with its long-awaited return to the menu in 2019, Burger King's elusive Rodeo Burger only earned a mere 5.7% of votes in the survey, making it far from the restaurant's best menu item. The Ch'King Sandwich didn't exactly fare well either, receiving just 75 votes to take a 11.56% piece of the poll. However, the contender in the chicken sandwich war has only been available nationwide since June 3, so we wouldn't be surprised if its popularity grows a bit more with time.

Burger King fans love this classic menu item

You'll probably be far from surprised to learn that Burger King's iconic Whopper sandwich was voted the best menu item from the chain — though the massive margin in which it earned the title is a bit shocking. The quarter-pound beef patty that comes dressed with the classic burger toppings all in between a sesame seed-adorned bun completely swept the competition, receiving more than half of the total number of votes in the poll — 53.16% of them, to be exact. To be fair, the Whopper has been a menu staple since 1957 (via Insider), giving it more than enough time to win over the hearts of Burger King fans.

As for the runner-up in the survey, you may be left flabbergasted when you find out that, between the Bacon King and the Impossible Whopper, it was the meatless option that earned the second-highest number of votes. Receiving 106 thumbs up, the plant-based burger alternative was considered to be the second best Burger King menu item by 16.33% of voters. It had a 20-vote edge over the calorie-laden Bacon King burger topped with cheese, bacon, mayo, and ketchup — chosen by just 13.25% of the respondents in the poll. 

Whether you agree with the results, one thing is clear: When it comes to getting a meal at Burger King, meat-eaters and non-meat eaters alike can't go wrong with the classic Whopper.