Bagel Bites Hot And Spicy Giveaway Lets You To Create The Perfect Pairing

Bagel Bites, the frozen pizza bagel company, has decided to focus test a new product by conducting a sweepstakes. Until the end of November 12, you can enter the Bagel Bites Flame Flight Focus Group to win a box of nine full-sized Tabasco bottles and a coupon for nine Bagel Bites. To enter, head over to According to the rules of the sweepstakes, the names will be drawn on November 15 and 1000 winners of limited-edition Flame Flight kits will be decided.

In a press release shared with Mashed, Bagel Bites explained that they hoped people would try each different Tabasco sauce on a bagel to see which ones they liked best. Then, by using #FlameFlight, testers would indicate to Bagel Bites and Tabasco which hot sauce complimented the bagel best. Who knows, Bagel Bites teases, maybe one pairing will turn into a new product. In short, it's a fun way to both hype up a new product and discern which will receive the best reception.

Which Tabasco sauces are in the running?

Since the gimmick of the new product will be slathering a pizza bagel with Tabasco and not a new sauce itself, the new product will feature a hot sauce many know and love. In promotional material shared by Bagel Bites and pictured above, we see that the nine Tabasco sauces in contention are Sweet & Spicy, Buffalo, Green Pepper Sauce, Sriracha, Cayenne Garlic, Chipotle, Habanero, Scorpion, and, of course, the OG Tabasco Pepper sauce.

In 2017, Food & Wine decided to rank their preferred Tabasco sauces themselves. The best in the Flame Flight by their reckoning is Chipotle as it manages to have a full smokey and sweet body. On the same list, the original sauce came in fourth place with a description that read, "It's old faithful and should be in everyone's kitchen." At the bottom of the Flame Flight bunch, they placed the exciting-sounding Scorpion Sauce because it pushed past the point of being pleasurably spicy to being hot, hot, and more hot. Perhaps Bagel Bites should send a flight to them to see if they change their appreciation once a pizza bagel is involved.