How Long Do Frozen Burgers Really Last?

Whether you overestimated everyone's appetite at your last barbecue, took advantage of a great sale at your local supermarket, or perhaps were gifted some fancy frozen burgers from a frozen meat delivery company like Omaha Steaks, chances are, you have a few frozen burger patties in your freezer right about now.

You may have forgotten all about those burgers, especially if they're buried behind all the other items that you've crammed in your freezer. Yet, even if you are more of an organizer and can easily locate the frozen patties, how do you know if they are still safe to eat?

According to Still Tasty, when properly stored, raw beef burgers purchased commercially frozen will stay at peak quality for up to six months, slightly longer than the three to four months stated in's guidelines. Both sites note that the timeframes are for quality only, as frozen foods don't really expire, assuming they've been properly stored at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

You may have to toss the frozen burgers in the trash

There are some instances in which you should opt to throw out the frozen patties, specifically if the quality of the meat has been affected. If you see dry or discolored spots, or white patches of ice crystals, then freezer burn, which is moisture loss due to air exposure, has set in (via Epicurious). Once the burgers have freezer burn, there's no way to reverse it, and it's best to remove any affected portions before cooking (via The Kitchn). Freezer burn affects the taste and texture of food and is particularly noticeable in raw foods, per The Spruce Eats, like those frozen burger patties. While freezer burn doesn't necessarily mean the meat is unsafe to eat, the burger does become compromised.

The Spruce Eats also notes that if the burgers smell rancid or "off" upon opening them, chances are they have gone bad. Storing frozen burger patties properly will help to keep the meat safe as well as minimize freezer burn. The Spruce Eats recommends removing the items from their packaging and using a freezer bag or freezer paper instead, making sure to squeeze any excess air out of bags. Labeling frozen foods with the name and date can help minimize the guessing game of food safety, as frozen burgers can stay at peak quality for up to six months.