How Sunny Anderson Feels About Internet Trolls

Sunny Anderson thinks haters need to stay in their own lane — and mind their own business. Sharing on social media the New York Times bestseller and Food Network host writes, "Why when people don't agree with you, they tell you to stick to your job/career, but they don't instantly understand that THEY are the pot calling the kettle black? Ummm, excuse me judgy person, what do YOU do for a living?" (via Twitter).

Anderson shares a bit of what we're all feeling lately as armchair experts continue to come out and correct people across the internet. Anderson stops to question, what exactly are you qualifications to correct her? We sure hope people aren't jumping online to tell this food celebrity how to cook for example, but social media absolutely has a history of online haters coming out to correct actual experts. Examples include the time an "average Joe" tried to school an immigration lawyer about immigration law (via Rearfront) or the time a NASA scientist was called a receptionist based on her looks (via Cheezburger).

But even if not questioning someone's trained and specific knowledge, Anderson thinks the person throwing shade should probably look in the mirror.

Sunny Anderson values self-reflection

Anderson continued on about haters, adding a little humor (or irony?), saying, "I mean... it's really funny. The whole shut up and dribble thing is funny...these people have ZERO self awareness" (via Twitter). Most recently, the food celebrity and cookbook author has pinned some announcements about a shady credit repair operation as a warning to her wider audience, which may be the source of many of these critiques (via Twitter). Readers tried to imply that if she didn't have a personal claim on this lawsuit she shouldn't be sharing about the subject.

But more than just a great cook, Anderson cares deeply about her community, explaining the she has exactly the expertise to make these statements and continues to question who has the qualifications to tell her not to. Describing her thoughts on the matter in another she replies of the credit repair case, "He used a platform I put him on to scam others. Sometimes the problem doesn't need to be direct and just because I've not lost money, businesses and relationships like others, doesn't mean people shouldn't be warned" (via Twitter).

We applaud Anderson for speaking her mind and ignoring all the rest of the noise. Those internet trolls are gonna need to find another target.