Reddit Can't Stop Joking About The 'Rare Blue Prosciutto' Found At A Costco

Recently, a social media user posted a photo on Reddit claiming that they had "scored some rare blue prosciutto" at a Costco score. Logically, you may be thinking that Costco must have decided to stock up on some obscure types of cured meat, with the prosciutto in question making the cut. Much to your probable disappointment (and amusement), the blue prosciutto is no exclusive variety of ham. Instead, its cool hue comes from a layer of mold so thick that Redditors couldn't help but joke about how it looked like prosciutto wrapped in blue cotton candy.

The real kicker for viewers was the label on the pack of prosciutto that said the product was antibiotic-free. "Of course it doesn't need antibiotics when it potentially makes its own," one user joked, likely referencing the fact that the antibiotic penicillin was originally extracted from mold (via Live Science). Ironically, the "antibiotic-free" label was probably meant to help sell the prosciutto, as the use of antibiotics in animals has been criticized for posing a risk to human health, per Medical News Today. Ultimately, all it did in this case was give the internet something to joke about.

Reddit can't help but notice the irony of antibiotic-free moldy prosciutto

Reddit couldn't help but find the image of moldy "antibiotic-free prosciutto" hilariously ironic, with comments like, "prosciutto made its own damn antibiotics, quality product right there" pouring in. One Redditor suggested an updated wording of, "free antibiotic prosciutto," while others said they would have rather eaten antibiotic-filled cured meat. Another clever commenter joked that the original 24 grams of protein present in the prosciutto was now 28 grams, all thanks to the added fungus.

On a more serious note, one user claimed that this wasn't the first time they had seen moldy prosciutto at Costco, while others' comments about various moldy Costco products implied a larger issue at hand. Regardless, it seems like there's a new moldy Costco item that taking Reddit by a storm since the time a shopper found a box of tomatoes covered in slimy mold at a warehouse earlier this year (via Reddit).