This Money-Saving Breakfast Hack Will Change The Way You Order At McDonald's

McDonald's might be a broke college student's best friend, but the costs can add up over time if you're making a breakfast run every day. Don't worry, though, because we have a TikTok hack that will cut your food bill in half. One TikTok user, @hellthyjunkfood, posted a video labeled, "McDonald's Hack #25, The Budget Breakfast." In this video, the creator gawked at the difference in cost between the Sausage Biscuit and the Sausage Biscuit with an Egg, with the latter costing $2.60 more than the former. To be more precise, he stated that the Sausage Biscuit and Sausage McMuffin cost $1.19. However, their more expensive counterpart is priced at $3.79.

This still may not seem like a lot — you're still getting breakfast for under $5. However, as stated before, this price can increase costs if you're consistently getting McDonald's. So, what's the life-changing hack that will lower your spending at the fast food chain?

Order a folded egg on the side

According to @hellthyjunkfood, this is the hack: "I can get a dozen [of eggs] at Publix for $2.15," he said before advising viewers to get a folded egg on the side, which only costs $1.00 extra for the "exact same thing." Some, however, disagreed with his philosophy. User @amandagoodwin485 wrote, "round egg taste better," which got over 700 likes in agreement.

It's quite a surprise that McDonald's charges this much more for just a simple egg to be added to your breakfast sandwich to begin with. A lot of competing chains, such as Dunkin', include eggs on similar items by default. And adding an egg to your breakfast sandwich is definitely beneficial, especially if you're a busy college student. After all, it's known as the "perfect protein" and is extremely nutrient-dense, meaning that they keep you full for longer (via Healthline).

That being said, you now know a trick the next time you visit the popular fast food chain. Give it a try!