National Fast Food Day 2021: Where To Get The Best Food Freebies And Deals

November is a good month to be a fast food junkie. First, we get National Sandwich Day on November 3, which Subway decided to celebrate not by giving away sandwiches but, strangely, by having popular comedians roast its fans (via Twitter). Apparently, this was Subway's way of celebrating its roast beef sub.

Then came November 9, National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day. (Fortunately for Chick-fil-A, this holiday didn't fall on a Sunday.) Popeyes honored this particular holiday by giving away chicken sandwiches to people who placed mobile orders, per Popeyes' Twitter.

Next up is National Fast Food Day, on Tuesday, November 16. A few chains have announced special deals to celebrate yet another food-related holiday in November not called Thanksgiving. Keep your eyes (or your Twitter feed) open on Tuesday, because fast food chains may wait for National Fast Food Day to arrive before announcing their special deals. Burger King, for instance, waited until the morning of National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day to tweet news of its free Ch'King Sandwich deal for that day. But read on to learn about the National Fast Food Day deals we're aware of so far.

Carl's Jr. has a National Fast Food Day deal

Carl's Jr., America's 10th largest fast food burger chain (via QSR), is celebrating National Fast Food Day with a special price on its Big Carl Small Combo, according to a statement sent to Mashed. This big-yet-small meal, which will run you just $6.29 on November 16, includes the Big Carl: two all-beef patties, Carl's Classic Sauce, lettuce, and cheese on a sesame seed bun, per the Carl's Jr. menu. So basically, it's a slightly stripped-down Big Mac. The "small" in the Big Carl Small Combo refers to the rest of the combo meal, which comes with small fries and a small drink (via Frugally Delish).

Hardee's is on the National Fast Food Day bandwagon, too

If Carl's Jr. is offering a National Fast Food Day deal, then it should come as no surprise that Hardee's is doing the same. The two chains are under the same ownership, after all, as CKE Restaurant Holdings explains on its website. The company announced in a statement sent to Mashed that Hardee's has a deal that bears a strong resemblance to the offer at its corporate cousin, Carl's Jr. Hardee's is dishing up the Big Hardee Small Combo for $5.49. Looks like the Big Hardee is just the Big Carl by another name, with all the same ingredients and the same 920 calorie count, according to the Hardee's menu.

Wendy's has two reasons to celebrate this week

Wendy's has two big occasions to celebrate this week, according to Thrillist. November 15 is Wendy's birthday, and the freckle-faced redhead looks as young as ever as she turns 52 today, per the Wendy's website. But the party at Wendy's doesn't stop when the calendar turns to November 16. The burger chain is recognizing both its anniversary and National Fast Food Day with a free order of fries, any size, as long as you place an order through the Wendy's app. You can even double dip and take advantage of free Wendy's fries on Tuesday, even if you already got them on Monday.

Speaking of double-dipping, you might want to order a Frosty to go with those fries. Science tells us what our taste buds already know (via Taste of Home): That hot-cold, salty-sweet combination is unbeatable.