Fans Are Cracking Up Over This Dunkin' 'Fraud Alert'

Getting a fraud alert from your bank can get anyone's heart racing. These notifications occur when a form of banking in your name gets used to purchase something suspicious and allegedly help deter identity fraud (via Equifax). Sometimes a ridiculous purchase may trigger a bank fraud alert notification, and in the case of one individual, one massive donut purchase set off financial red flags.

A recent Dunkin' Instagram post featured a screen grab from a smartphone where the recipient got a fraud alert stating, "Fraud Alert: We declined $760.64 with card ending in 5402 at Dunkin' PENDING. Was this you?" The owner texted back with, "YES. Bro... peppermint mocha is back. The whole office wanted in." The person received a response reading, "Fair enough lol." The image of the screen grab came alongside a caption saying, "*Grab a Peppermint Mocha or Toasted White Chocolate Signature latte today!" This clever marketing for Dunkin's peppermint mocha products worked like a charm, and fans couldn't get enough of the fraud alert.

Slick marketing that has Instagram laughing

Followers loved the fraud alert text and couldn't wait to share their thoughts. Replies like, "Give your social creator a raise! Always brilliant," and "$760 for the whole office? I would pay that just for me," line the comment section of the post, per Instagram. Others responded with "Lmao how many points did they get from this???" and "It's the 'bro' for me." One user summed up the collective sentiments perfectly — "Bahahahahahaahah."

If you can't wait to get your hands on a peppermint mocha, your time has finally arrived. According to Penn Live, the drink has hit locations nationwide, and shoppers should have the chance to pick up the drink anytime they like. The peppermint mocha features peppermint, whipped cream, mocha drizzle, and cocoa powder, making for a very festive drink. Just make sure to call your bank ahead of time if you plan to purchase over $700 worth of peppermint mochas from Dunkin' anytime soon.