Insomnia Cookies Is Celebrating Its New Holiday Lineup With BOGO Deal

Insomnia Cookies — the company known for delivering warm cookies until 3 a.m. — has baked up some special cookies and special deals for the holiday season, according to a statement sent to Mashed. The flavors and colors of Insomnia's four holiday-themed cookies are intended to get you in the proper spirit. The Gingerbread Cookie is a classic: ginger and molasses with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

With the rest of the holiday batch, things start to get a little more daring. A red velvet cookie is one thing, but Insomnia Cookies just started offering a Red Velvet Cookies N Cream Cookie, which is a red velvet and cream cheese blend, with crushed sandwich cookies and vanilla chips mixed in. The Mini Candy Cane Cookie is sure to conjure the spirit of Christmas past: a sugar cookie with peppermint and white chocolate chips. Peppermint is the theme of Insomnia's fourth and final seasonal offering, a Vegan Peppermint Mocha Crunch Cookie. Insomnia warns us on Twitter that these limited-edition cookies are only available while supplies last.

Those are the cookies; now for the deal. While there may still be plenty of shopping days left before Christmas, don't procrastinate on this offer: Place any order online or at one of Insomnia's 200-plus locations (via and receive a free classic cookie, through November 21.

Insomnia Cookies has put together some gift boxes for the holidays

Sure, you could order Insomnia Cookies' special holiday offerings a la carte, but then again the bakery chain has come up with some gift packs and holiday kits, per the statement sent to Mashed. The Holiday 12-Pack starts you off with three Red Velvet Cookies N Cream Cookies and three Gingerbread Cookies, then you choose the six cookies that will complete the dozen.

The Big and Lil' Dippers feature a favorite of Insomnia fans: cookies with icing on the side for dipping. The Big Dipper comes in two varieties: Gingerbread Cookies and buttercream icing, or Red Velvet Cookies N Cream Cookies with cream cheese icing. The Lil' Dipper gives you Mini Candy Cane Cookies, buttercream icing, and a candy cane topping.

Finally, Insomnia Cookies offers a DIY Holiday Decorating Kit, giving you the power to customize your very own holiday cookie tray. The kit comes with 12 Gingerbread and Snickerdoodle Cookies, buttercream frosting, four icing tubes, marshmallow and gumdrop toppings, and candy cane pieces.

Once you decide which of these sweet treats you will be gifting to loved ones, you can send them anywhere in the U.S. via Insomnia's convenient shipping website,