Why Some Fans Want Matt Lucas Out Of GBBO

Fans of "The Great British Baking Show" tend to be very, very passionate about the program. The feeling, it seems, is that in a media landscape based on being loud and mean, the show is an utterly wholesome oasis. So anything that diminishes it gets thrown under the rolling pin.

In an opinion piece for Redbrick, Emma Stephenson asked, "Has Matt Lucas Ruined The Great British Bake Off?" Ultimately, she decides not. But she would happily see his cringe-inducing humor leave. Mashable pushes further, stating explicitly that he should leave: "Many might find him funny, but he's too salty for this sweet, sweet show." Again, the issue people have is that the jokes firmly founded in sex, bad foreign impressions, and unempathetic interactions with the bakers do not bring anything to the program. 

Because of these feelings, some fans have suggested a replacement: Lizzie Acker, the most recently eliminated contestant. Indeed, Entertainment Daily reported that a few suggestions for a Lizzie combo would reinvigorate the show. However, it should be noted that not everyone finds Matt Lucas' hosting presence so insufferable. A few days ago, one person threw out the opinion on "Great British Bake Off" subreddit that they actually chuckle over his awkwardness, and this confession brought out more to say the same. Whether they form a sliver of a minority or a sizeable one is, of course, difficult to judge. 

Matt Lucas was hired under strange circumstances

When it comes to hiring the next host of "The Great British Bake Off," you'd think that there would be a sizeable vetting process. Apparently, though, this didn't happen for Matt Lucas. The BBC reported in April 2020 that Lucas' involvement started because Noel Fielding had a dream. Literally. "They were looking for a new host, and Noel had a dream that I was the co-host," Lucas told Capital Radio. Noel Fielding didn't mention the dream when he suggested Lucas, opting to simply recommend him. But still, Lucas was called on a Friday, auditioned the next Tuesday, and officially got the gig Thursday. This is worth noting because one response to the confession of liking Matt Lucas was that Noel Fielding seemed happy: "I like that he clearly delights Noel. I can tell Noel loves him and thinks he is hilarious, and I like to see Noel happy." 

While audience members are more polarized, it seems that we will have to accept Matt Lucas' continued presence in the program. Perhaps he'll grow into it even further.