43% Agree This Brand Has The Best Store Bought Gravy For Thanksgiving

It's no secret that opinions over Thanksgiving foods can be divisive, with just about everyone having a passionate point of view on the best Thanksgiving side dish, from mashed potatoes to stuffing to the unofficial condiment of all holiday feasts: gravy.

While some home cooks go above and beyond by making their own gravy from scratch, many others cut corners on an already jam-packed day in the kitchen by opting for a store-bought option instead. Although most Thanksgiving diners can agree that mashed potatoes and turkey are at their best when smothered with a layer of the deliciously savory brown stuff, opinions on which store-bought brand offers the best gravy for your buck are less unanimous.

In a recent poll, Mashed asked 607 U.S. residents for their opinion on which brand is the best, choosing between five of the most popular jars found on store shelves from coast to coast. The options included in poll were Campbell's, Swanson, Heinz, McCormick, and Pacific — all of which offer shelf-stable, heat-and-eat versions of the Thanksgiving specialty. Here's how the results panned out.

McCormick's gravy overwhelming received the most votes

Coming in last place in the Mashed gravy poll, and receiving the least amount of votes by far with just 4.94% of the total, was Pacific Foods, a brand best known for their organic broths, stocks, and soups. Perhaps they don't have enough brand recognition yet for their organic turkey gravy to receive enough of the share in this poll, but there's always next year.

The iconic soup company Campbell's – which already has a major presence on many Thanksgiving tables in mushroom soup-smothered green bean casseroles – came in second to last place, with just 7.41% of the vote for their jarred gravy option.

Falling in the middle of the pack was Swanson, a company known for their broths and frozen meals, with 17.79% of the vote for their turkey gravy. Right in front of them was condiment giant Heinz, best known for their iconic ketchup, receiving 26.36% of the vote for their jarred home-style gravy.

However, resoundingly coming in first place and receiving 43.49% of the vote to nab the title of Mashed readers' favorite store-bought gravy was the spice juggernaut McCormick, which offers both packets of dried gravy mixes and cartons of ready-to-eat gravy. At the end of the day, whichever gravy brand is your go-to, one thing we can all agree on is that no Thanksgiving spread is complete without it.