Snapchat's New Feature Suggests A Recipe With Your Ingredients At Home

How often have you stared at your refrigerator or pantry and thought, "What the heck am I supposed to make with these ingredients?" Maybe you have nothing more than three eggs and a box of pasta, or maybe you've got some fun new vegetables you bought at the store or farmer's market and have no idea how to use them. We can't tell you how many times we've entered a list of ingredients into the search bar on our phones or laptops seeking recipes that incorporate fennel and green beans or some other combination of needs-to-be-used foods in our fridge that leaves us baffled. 

Fortunately for you, Snapchat has developed a way to help. The company's "scan" feature has been used in the past by users to identify everything from dog breeds to bottles of wine, and now it's finally entered a new phase of usefulness: coming up with recipe ideas.

Just scan your ingredients and Snapchat will suggest some recipe ideas

If you're stuck with a fridge full of miscellaneous items, don't despair. "Snapchat is teaming up with Allrecipes to help home cooks find recipes based on the ingredients they have on hand,"  Allrecipes reports. Users simply have to set the item on a flat surface, scan it using the Snapchat Scan option, and the app will suggest as many as five different recipes from Allrecipes that use that food item. How cool is that? 

The Food Scan feature can recognize over 1,000 ingredients, creating a multitude of recipe ideas for you to try out. However, Allrecipes notes that it "does not yet recognize liquids or packaged foods, so ingredients will need to be unboxed for the best Scan experience." This handy new feature is perfect for college students with a limited budget and space, new cooks who are learning how to incorporate different foods into recipes, and parents who need a quick dinner idea when they're in a bind. We can't wait to try it out for ourselves!