Reddit Is Torn Over This Bride's Edible Confetti Request

Brides and grooms can make some wild requests for their wedding. From cakes that are a bit over-the-top to decorations that are just plain unrealistic, all sorts of bizarre things have been done in the name of that special day for a couple. One caterer recently took to Reddit to ask for advice in pulling apart raspberries in an effective and efficient way that didn't totally render the berries mushed but also moved along quickly. Redditors quickly responded, demanding to know for what reason was this person painstakingly separating raspberries into the individual seeds? The answer: For a wedding

The idea is that the bride wanted a biodegradable confetti option that would also help feed the local animals. The original Reddit poster said yes, the wedding was in a forest, and even though they had tried to convince the bride that there were other, less expensive and time-consuming biodegradable confetti options, the bride was dead-set on this option. Redditors are torn over the request.

Some think it's totally worth it; Others think it's utterly stupid

While it might seem like a totally bonkers request, the bride clearly was willing to pay any price to achieve her dream of teeny raspberry seeds floating through the air in lieu of traditional confetti. The original Reddit poster even said, "Yes, it is worth it even if I have to hire 20 temps to help us pull the ... things apart." Users had differing opinions on this request, SaltyNorth8062 said, "I would say this sums up about [90%] of every catering experience ever," while user echo_birch said, "This is the most unhinged thing I've ever read. Thank you for posting." 

Most users came to post their own ideas, which ranged from using liquid nitrogen to freeze and separate the seeds to trying to use the keyboard cleaning spray to blast them apart with air (don't actually do this, by the way, user NotYourMutha said it "has chemicals in it and makes things taste bad"). Surprisingly, most users said they would embark on the quest to create perfectly separated raspberries for the right amount of money, which just goes to show that all menial tasks have a price.