Cracker Barrel Just Launched An Initiative To Fight Food Insecurity

Although food insecurity has always been a problem, the COVID-19 pandemic has inarguably exacerbated the situation with food shortages and skyrocketing unemployment rates. During the summer of 2020, more than 30 million Americans reported not having enough food. Fortunately, the government and many large corporations across the country have stepped forward to create assistive programs. According to WATE, food stamps benefits increased by more than 25% over the course of the pandemic to help Americans feed their families. To keep up with inflation, the program fluctuates with the cost of food.

Earlier this year, Starbucks pledged to donate to local food banks via the FoodShare program, in addition to its partnership with Feeding America, a non-profit organization that provides over 4 billion meals each year through various programs and partnerships. One of these newest partnerships is with our beloved Cracker Barrel for the creation of the Food for Families initiative (via Nation's Restaurant News). 

Cracker Barrel returns to its homeland

According to Nation's Restaurant News, Cracker Barrel's Food for Families program will start with efforts in Middle Tennessee and high-need rural areas. In addition to this initiative, the restaurant chain will donate enough funds to Feeding America to provide one million meals. They'll also provide up to 100,000 more meals for each engagement on Cracker Barrel's social media pages through the end of November.

Cracker Barrel's website says the initiative addresses three issues: Food insecurity, supporting communities, and reducing food waste. Especially around the holidays, more and more Americans struggle to get food on their tables. 

If you're able, consider donating funds or food items to local charities. Volunteer at soup kitchens or food banks. Get involved with local programs to support your own community. Another way to help is by reducing your household's food waste. You can do this by planning portions ahead of time (particularly for holidays like Thanksgiving) and shopping for only what you need.