What It's Like To Eat Like WWE Wrestler Roman Reigns For A Day

Professional athletes have a rep to maintain, and that rep starts with serious muscle. This is especially true if you're WWE wrestler Roman Reigns, known for his intimidating physique and take-no-prisoners wrestling style (via WWE). YouTuber and fitness expert, Aseel Soueid, recently posted a video where he noshes on what Reigns eats in a day, and it is not for the faint of heart.

Reigns' daily diet takes a lot of calories, but with specifically balanced macronutrients to help him perform in the ring. Indeed, the full daily total was nearly 3,000 calories from six clean meals. These meals were designed to follow a macro split of 40% calories from protein, 40% from carbohydrates, and 20% from fat.

Want to look more like Roman? Check out the for details on the diet Soueid followed. This could result in mega muscles, if coupled with a Reign-like gym regimen. But the tattoos and hair are all on you to replicate.

A sample meal plan

Planning ahead is probably the most important component of macro-related food success. It takes finesse to properly balance macronutrients, and that can't be achieved if you don't have the right groceries on hand.

For the first meal of the day, Soueid noshed on two large eggs, six large egg whites, and Quaker Quick oats (via YouTube). This totaled 543 calories. Moving on to meal No. 2, he cooked up 10 ounces of boneless, skinless chicken breast and served all that meat alongside cooked brown rice and one cup of mixed vegetables. The third meal of the day was four slices of gluten-free multigrain bread and two 4-ounce containers of tuna in water, dressed up with a little mustard for flavor.

Next, Soueid enjoyed a whey protein shake. Meal five was more elaborate, with 10 more ounces of cooked, boneless, skinless chicken breast served with 100 grams gluten-free pasta, a cup of mixed veggies, and one cup of cooked brown rice. He capped all of that off with another scoop of protein powder in shake form.

The video reveals how everything was prepared to Reigns-like specifications. If nothing else, it's impressive.