Bobby Flay's Hilarious Response To Michael Symon's Thanksgiving Grocery List

It's no secret that Bobby Flay and Michael Symon are close friends. According to People, the pair met in the late '90s on a Food Network set, and they've been pals ever since. Flay and Symon even vacation together, and, until Symon bought his own house in the Hamptons, Flay opened up his home to Symon and his wife. 

The chefs face off on Food Network's "BBQ Brawl," where they each mentor their own team of BBQ pros in a battle for barbecue bragging rights. Before filming the show, Flay and Symon had never competed against each other — at least when it came to cooking, that is. Symon said the competitive vibe you see on the show between the two is real. "We compete with everything, like off camera we compete in golf," Symon said (via People).

It's no surprise then that when Symon recently took to Instagram to share his Thanksgiving Day shopping list with fans, Flay trolled him with a hilarious comment.

Bobby Flay roasts Michael Symon over whether he plans to roast his own turkey

In the video post, complete with a shopping list at the end, Michael Symon meticulously lists off the necessary ingredients for all the dishes to make your Thanksgiving feast a success, including what portions you should purchase depending on how many people you will be serving. It's all part of the first day of Symon's week-long Thanksgiving dos and don'ts series airing on Instagram. The social media channel blew up with comments, many thanking the chef for the specificity of his instructions. "OMG this is so helpful!! I needed this like ... YEARS ago! Finally! Thanksgiving boiled down to a math equation!!! Thank you, chef!!!!" one user wrote.

Bobby Flay's comment went in a different direction and instead of thanking Symon, he teased his good friend, suggesting that the chef won't be making a Thanksgiving meal at all. "Hey guys ... Don't let @chefsymon fool ya. He's picking up his Thanksgiving dinner at my house and bringing it to his! Mike, pickup is 2 p.m. next Thursday!" Flay wrote.