Aldi Shoppers Can't Decide Which Elevation Protein Bar They Like Best

Protein is an important macronutrient for anyone who wants to be healthy. It increases your strength, regulates your appetite, and improves both your muscles and bones (via Healthline). There are plenty of ways to incorporate protein into your daily diet, from meat and eggs to fish and cottage cheese. Protein bars, which have become very mainstream (they're no longer just for bodybuilders), are another great source these days. Whether you shop at a major grocery store, your local supplement store, or your closest GNC, you can find hundreds of brands, flavors, and varieties of protein bars, from Quest to GoMacro.  

Aldi is also a great spot to pick up a box or two of delicious and healthy protein bars. One of the most popular brands at the national chain is Elevation, which is Aldi's in-house protein powder and bar brand. But which flavor of Elevation protein bars is best? It's something that Aldi shoppers are debating on Instagram right now.

People are torn between two flavors

The Elevation Functional Protein Bars from Aldi aren't a new find — they've been around for months. Yet, people are still obsessed with them. Available in packs of four, the gluten-free protein bars come in two flavors: caramel chocolate nut and cookies 'n cream. As for which one you should buy? Shoppers are very torn on which flavor they prefer. In a recent Instagram post by Aldi fan account @aldifavoritefinds, people chimed in with their favorite flavor, and there's no clear winner.

There are those who vote for caramel chocolate nut, which has five more grams of protein than its counterpart. "They taste like candy bars but are full of protein," one fan said. However, there are equally glowing and passionate reviews for cookies 'n cream, with one person commenting, "I could eat the cookies n cream one every day!"

You likely can't go wrong with either, however. According to @aldifavoritefinds, the bars just won Aldi's 2021 Store Brand Editors' Picks award.