You Probably Didn't Realize Aldi Cashiers Are Timed And Scored

When you go to check out at an Aldi, the experience is immediately different than at other grocery stores. Your cashier will almost always be seated – there's a reason Aldi cashiers sit down — and you're probably prepping to return your cart so you can get your rental deposit back. You'll also be rung up relatively quickly, thanks in part to the barcodes on multiple places across the product to make it easy to scan from any direction, according to CNN.

If you're an Aldi fan, you may know this is all done in the name of efficiency, the company's core goal and mission (via Aldi). However, did you know that Aldi cashiers have another reason to get you through the checkout line as quickly as possible? According to a Reddit thread, Aldi cashiers are timed and scored on just about everything they do.

Again, it's all in the name of efficiency, but is the pressure this causes employees too much? Keep reading to learn about the policies the company enforces and how you can help your Aldi cashier the next time you make a grocery run.

Aldi cashiers are timed and scored on all interactions

According to the Reddit thread, which appears to be posted by an Aldi employee, although this is unverified, "Cashiers are timed for time BETWEEN customers, How long DURING each individual customer, AND whether or not you 'pre dipped' your card in the pos machine." One commenter replied to the thread, saying, "Love the reminder. I'm a loyal shopper and always make sure to say thank you and be kind to the employees." Another Redit user said that they try to turn it into a fun game when they check out. "Can I empty my cart faster than they can ring it up? I can never win, no matter how hard I try," they wrote.

The original post also explains that cashiers are required to go slower if you ask them to, but this can affect an their "percentage," which the post describes as an internal ranking and grading system. "Aldi might have decent bennies [benefits] and a somewhat reasonable wage relative to other American retail positions, but they create a VERY high stress environment for the employees," it says. Aldi employees are sometimes expected to ring up as much as 1,200 items per hour (via MentalFloss). So, next time you're shopping at Aldi, remember to be kind to your cashier and know they're moving fast for a good reason. And don't let the Aldi anxiety get to you.