This Trick Can Help You Avoid Getting Too Full From Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is all about gathering with friends and family, being grateful for the things you have, and, perhaps the best part, indulging in a massive holiday meal. From roast turkey and stuffing to mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie as well as all the other sides and desserts your heart could desire, the typical Thanksgiving feast, while delicious, isn't exactly diet friendly. With all the mentioned foods, the large traditional meal is full of carbs, fat, butter, and sugar. According to Consumer Reports, the average American eats anywhere from 3,000 to 4,500 calories during Thanksgiving dinner.

Of course, it's perfectly okay to treat yourself to an extra serving or two (or three) for a special once-a-year meal. But it can often leave you feeling bloated, way too full, and uncomfortable — not exactly a winning combo. If you want to avoid that feeling this Thanksgiving, you're in luck, and you don't have to give up your favorite dishes to do so. There's an easy way to prevent yourself from getting overly full this turkey day.

Drink water before eating

The trick to avoid getting as stuffed as the turkey this Thanksgiving has less to do with what you do during dinner and more of what you do before dinner. More specifically, it's all about what you drink before you sit down. While you might be tempted to mix up a festive cocktail or indulge in yet another glass of wine while you wait for dinner to finish cooking, it's better to stay hydrated — and that means drinking some water. According to Eat This, Not That, drinking water before a meal can help prevent you from eating too much. Not only that, but you'll be avoiding potentially hundreds of calories by opting for water over alcohol, thus cutting down on your overall intake.

Another benefit of drinking water before Thanksgiving dinner is that it will fill you up a little bit, so you might not be as liable to reach for a third slice of pumpkin pie (via The Thirty). The more water you drink, the better your digestion will be, as well, so your stomach will likely thank you post-feasting.