The Biggest Sage Mistake You're Making, According To Alex Guarnaschelli

Celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli is someone who has plenty of cooking tips to offer to her fans. She told the Food Network that she doesn't believe cooking should be complex at all. "I don't think that the best things for home cooks to master are the most complicated. ... I think they should be the simplest things that get repeated in many, many places, and that way you look really skilled even if you don't know a lot of stuff." Makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

Another good piece of advice? Make sure that you know how to work with basic ingredients like onions and garlic cloves because they can be used for many dishes and can easily add distinctive flavors to your meal. The chef also has some basic but useful advice to offer when it comes to an ingredient like sage (via Twitter).

It's an interesting piece of advice

Alex Guarnaschelli took to Twitter to write about her thoughts on using sage in her dishes. "I don't know if anyone should ever actually eat sage without first slightly pan-frying the leaves," she said. The chef advises others to make sure that they stem the herb fully before frying it with a bit of oil. She adds that she prefers to use leaves that are crispy and "pale green" in color.

A great seasoning option to consider in this situation is salt, as per Alex Guarnaschelli. Not everyone agrees with the chef, though. Someone wrote that they stick to fresh sage straight from their garden, and it works well for their dishes. The user did mention, however, that they don't use too much of it at once. "I've never noticed a fishy taste, and my palate is pretty particular," they added. Another Twitter user said that they love using brown butter while heating up sage leaves. What do you reckon?