Selena + Chef Season 4: Info We Know So Far

After premiering two seasons in a single year, "Selena + Chef" is still going strong. "Selena + Chef is amazing," one viewer wrote in a 5 star review of season 3 on Rotten Tomatoes, noting that Gomez "is very entertaining, she has a very good sense of humor and makes every episode fun to watch. Especially when there's chaos in the kitchen from something not going as planned. Definitely looking forward to more seasons to come." While this is only one review, it indicates that there is a passionate fanbase for the cooking show. The Takeout called it "one of the few good things to be born out of quarantine."

HBO Max, the show's network, certainly seems to recognize this. On November 10, Warner Media issued a press release confirming that "Selena + Chef" will return for a fourth season. Of course, announcing that there'll be more "Selena + Chef" content to come will only leave fans clamoring for more information. When will it release? Who will be featured? Will the format remain the same? We've done our best to provide answers to those questions and more.

What is the release date of Selena + Chef Season 4?

Fans of "Selena + Chef" have been rather spoiled this year. Two seasons of the show were dropped, one in January and the other in October, which ended in November. Considering there's so little time left in 2021, it should not come as a surprise that Warner Media notes the show's fourth season will air in 2022.

What is more unfortunate, though, is that they did not give any indication as to when in the year the season will air. Looking back at previous announcements, Deadline reported the show's renewal for a second season on August 27, 2020. This was almost four months before the show premiered on January 21, 2021. When Deadline covered the show's renewal for a third season, it was late April 2021. The show aired six months later on October 28, 2021, per IMDB. Both premiere dates were on a Thursday.

If the trend continues, you can expect the first three episodes of "Selena + Chef" to drop on a Thursday between March and May. Of course, with the show's success, it could come earlier.

Which guest chefs will appear in Selena + Chef Season 4?

Obviously, "Selena + Chef" will star Selena Gomez throughout. Warner Media is unlikely to go full-on Samuel Beckett by featuring guest chefs idly waiting for Gomez while they whip up some rough puff. The mystery is which chefs will guide our protagonist through the mysteries and surprises of home cooking.

In their report on the new season, Deadline keeps things cryptic, but at least helps us with process of elimination by revealing who will close out the show's third season. There's Jamie Oliver of cookbook, restaurant, and chicken nugget conspiracy fame; Sophia Roe, who might be best known for her Emmy-nominated work on Vice TV's "Counter Space"; and restaurateur and frequent television chef Esther Choi. The last name mentioned is Gabe Kennedy, founder of the climate neutral supplement company Plant People.

Each season tends to be 10 episodes long though, which means that many more chefs will join in guiding Selena Gomez through culinary ventures in Season 4.

What will the format of Selena + Chef Season 4 be?

As previously mentioned, "Selena + Chef" is not likely to suddenly innovate in a daring attempt to see what a cooking show could be. With three successful seasons already made, the current formula is clearly working.

In Warner Media's press release, the fourth season is made to sound like the third. Admittedly, though, there is a small twist. This time, the cooking will take place in a beach house. Besides that, Selena Gomez will still learn to cook with celebrated chefs who will indicate a charity they wish to sponsor. "I am looking forward to another season of being in the kitchen with some of the world's best chefs," Gomez says in a statement. "Hopefully, my skills have improved. More importantly, we've been able to raise money for incredible charitable organizations."

For fans, this promise of a slight aesthetic switch-up is probably exactly what they want from a fourth season. So, no matter who ends up involved on the cooking side of things, there's going to be a lot to look forward to.