These 3 Sides Are Always On Al Roker's Thanksgiving Menu

For respected weather presenter, journalist, and food podcast host, Al Roker, Thanksgiving used to be a huge affair with his family. "When my family was a little younger, I've got two daughters and a son, and my parents were still with us, we'd have a big dinner," he told Thrillist. There were times when their guest list would include as many as 20 people. Roker said that he would happily start cooking and prepping the evening before Thanksgiving.

His wife would even stick to a strict schedule to make sure that everything was on track and in the oven at the right time. Things have changed over the years and the family now prefers heading out for a meal to catch the Thanksgiving parade. But Roker still likes cooking dinner for the holidays and ensuring that it's an intimate family affair. As for his favorite side dishes, there are three that he absolutely loves.

His list is special

When Al Roker was asked to talk about some of his favorite Thanksgiving dishes, he referred to his childhood and a dish that his mom often prepared for Thanksgiving: a sweet potato pone that resembled a crustless pie and had lots of broiled marshmallows. He told Thrillist that he also really loves eating mac and cheese on the holiday. 

"The green bean casserole is always hit," Roker added. "You know the green beans with the cream of mushroom soup and the French fried onions on top. That's always a bit of a hit." He also said that he knows that the dishes are high on carbs but hey, it's Thanksgiving season, right? Classic treats should always make it to the table.

Al Roker is not alone. A Redditor wrote a touching post about their love for mac and cheese and said that it is very meaningful for their family. "Before she passed, my Grandma's Mac & Cheese was the star of Thanksgiving," they wrote.