These December 2021 Aldi Finds Make Hosting Your Holiday Party Easy

It can be an absolute joy to gather with your close friends and family during the holiday season. After all, who doesn't love a good holiday party? And hosting comes with certain perks — you can execute exactly the type of holiday party you envisioned and do your best to ensure your guests all have a great time. However, for many, one of the most intimidating components of hosting any type of holiday party is all the prep work needed in the kitchen.

What types of beverages should you have on hand to sip? What will you serve as appetizers while people are mingling? Will you be plating up something heartier at some point in the evening? Is there going to be a variety of sweet offerings as well? There are a lot of things to consider. Luckily, there are plenty of fantastic festive products available at Aldi that can make your life a whole lot easier. Sure, you may still want to whip up your beloved family cookie recipe or make a batch of that go-to dip you bring to every party, no matter what time of year. However, tossing a few of these items in your cart the next time you're at Aldi will guarantee you're not stressing while you await your guests — you'll just be enjoying some tasty treats and looking forward to good company.

Here are some of the best Aldi finds this year for your holiday hosting needs.

Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Holiday Tree or Star Pizza

It may not be the fanciest option, but let's be honest — everyone loves pizza. These two seasonal shapes are topped with cheese as well as red and green peppers for a festive touch. They make the perfect appetizer for a larger party or a heartier offering for a smaller group. As a bonus, they're both vegetarian. You can find these seasonal pizzas for $2.49 starting December 1.

El Sabroso Holiday Tortilla Chips

Automatically give your favorite dip a festive touch by pairing it with these El Sabroso limited edition holiday tortilla chips rather than the standard variety. The green and red chips will add some visual appeal and have guests eating their way through your dip selection in no time. These tortilla chips are available starting December 1 for $1.89 a bag.

Clancy's Pretzel Rods or Holiday Shapes

Whether you want to serve these up plain or prefer to whip up some sweet treats by dipping them in chocolate, these Clancy's pretzels are a good option to have on hand. Available December 1 onwards for $4.29 a package, you can either get traditional pretzel rods or the festive holiday shape mix, which features stars, Christmas trees, stockings, and bells.

Three Mills Gingerbread Mulled Wine

Mix up your wine offerings with this Gingerbread Mulled Wine. According to Thomas Ridley, these drinks feature seasonal spices including nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, and ginger. At just $4.99 a bottle, you may want to grab a few to have on hand for any last-minute gatherings — it's available starting December 1 and makes a perfect seasonal sip.

Specially Selected Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Making bacon-wrapped scallops isn't exactly impossible, but the process is a little fussy, especially when you're trying to prepare a hundred other things for your holiday party. Luckily, Aldi's Specially Selected brand has these available December 1, which come frozen for $6.99. Forget about trying to wind bacon strips around your scallops — make your life a little easier with the pre-made version, baked fresh for your guests.

Bolthouse Farms Holiday Nog or Peppermint Mocha

If you want to have plenty of festive beverage options for your guests, consider picking up these Bolthouse Farms drinks, available from December 1 onwards for $5.46 a bottle. The large 52-fluid-ounce size means these are great for sharing, and you can either serve them straight or spike them with your favorite alcoholic beverages. Just note that the Peppermint Mocha beverage contains coffee, so you may want to warn guests before serving that up late in the evening.

Casa Mamita Carne Asada or Chicken Taco Cups

Another great option for quick and easy but tasty appetizers is the Casa Mamita taco cups, available December 1 for $4.99 a box. They come in carne asada and chicken variations, are packed with flavor, and make perfectly self-contained bites for your holiday bash. They're also easy to display in a festive way.

Grandi Mori Prosecco 1.5L

What's a holiday party without a little bubbly prosecco? This Grandi Mori sparkling offering is available from December 1 onwards for $15.99 a bottle, and you may want to consider having a few chilling in your refrigerator for unexpected guests. That way, you can toast the season at a moment's notice.

Southern Grove Holiday Nut Pack Sweet Trio or Savory Trio

Nuts are a great low-maintenance snack for the season, and these two mixes from Southern Grove will upgrade your snack game. The Savory Nut Trio features rosemary almonds, a preferred nut blend, and a Sicilian snack mix. If you like things a little sweeter, the Sweet Nut Trio includes Chai spiced almonds, honey glazed pecans, and peanut brittle. You don't have to worry about mixing and matching — starting December 8, you can just buy a trio for $4.99 and plate the tasty morsels up.

Specially Selected Olive Medley Gift Jar

Though olives can be somewhat divisive, there's no denying that they make a great addition to any charcuterie board, cheese plate, or appetizer spread. Imported from Greece, this medley is a decent size and will supply a full party with any olive needs. At just $8.99 a jar and available December 8 onwards, this mix is a steal.

Connellys Variety Pack

From boozy hot chocolates and chilled cocktails to spiked coffees, cream-based liqueurs rule the Christmas drink game, and this Connellys variety pack will have your home bar stocked for the season. The pack includes a bottle of Original, Mint Chocolate, and Creme Brulee-flavored Irish cream liqueur, so you can whip up a wide variety of drinks. The pack hits shelves on December 8 and retails at $14.99 for the trio.

Specially Selected Spinach & Ricotta or Mushroom Flatbread

While frozen flatbreads make a great quick and easy dinner, they're also fantastic as an appetizer — just pop them in the oven and then slice them up into smaller portions that guests can nibble on. Available from December 15 onwards for $4.19 per flatbread, Specially Selected has two flatbread options: spinach and ricotta, and mushroom. These Bistro-Style options are crowd-pleasers and are a hearty vegetarian offering for any party.

Emporium Selection Gouda Holiday Trees

If you've drooled over festive cheese boards but don't quite have the energy to fiddle around with your cheese blocks, don't worry — this product from Emporium Selection is available from December 15 onwards at $3.99 a package. These Gouda cheese bites are pre-cut into Christmas tree shapes, and all the work is done for you — just toss them on a nice board or platter with some accompaniments, and you're all set.

Specially Selected Charcuterie Board Kit

Charcuterie boards are always a great option for holiday parties. They have a bit of variety, so everyone can find something they like, and they don't require much effort to put together. However, if you're always stumped by what to include, this item eliminates that worry — available December 15 onwards for $9.99, this kit contains selections like cinnamon apple slices, dried apricots, and dates. As the packaging states, the contents all pair well with prosciutto and goat cheese, so pick some up at Aldi and you're all set.

Park Street Deli Blue Cheese or Truffle Dip

Whether you serve them up with crackers or crudites, these Park Street dips will add some serious festive flair to your appetizer offerings. Available December 15 onwards for $4.99 per package, you can either get a blue cheese pecan or a truffle variation (or both) and serve with your favorite dippable bites.

Appetitos Blossoms Spinach & Cheese or Chicken & Pesto

Anyone who has ever worked with filo pastry knows it can be quite fussy and challenging to handle. So, if you're not up to grappling with these thin sheets before your holiday party, don't worry — just grab a pack of these filo blossoms for $3.69 per box starting December 15. This brand has two variations: Spinach & Cheese or Chicken & Pesto.

Appetitos Puff Pastry Bites

Impress your guests with a trio of puff pastry bites in different flavors without having to do much more than toss a baking sheet in the oven. This variety pack, available December 15 onwards for $5.95, contains three types: Artichoke & Jalapeno, Mediterranean Inspired Vegetables & Feta, and Spinach, Cheese & Bacon. Your guests are sure to find something to pair with their seasonal beverage of choice.

Belmont 12 Slice Sampler Cheesecake

If you want to offer a variety of desserts without spending hours in the kitchen, a sampler is a great idea, and this item from Belmont allows you to do so for just $9.99 starting December 15. There are 12 different flavors in each box, so either each guest can pick their favorite, or you can cut the slices into little cheesecake bites if you want people to sample a few.

Specially Selected Antipasti Platter

Make your hosting duties easy by whipping up a few platters and boards packed with tasty morsels. This antipasti platter product is available on December 16 and features a variety of flavorful items for $5.99. Serve it up solo, alongside some crusty bread, or even with some meats and cheeses for a full spread.

Specially Selected Bourbon Pecan Pie

Bourbon and pecan are two festive flavors that are a match made in heaven, and anyone who isn't much of a baker can easily serve up a show-stopping dessert with this Specially Selected option. Available December 15 onwards for $5.29, all you need to add is a dollop of whipped cream and you have an impressive dessert.

Specially Selected USDA Choice Bone In Ribeye Roast

There are plenty of festive offerings for appetizers and other small bites. But if you want to serve up something a bit heartier at your holiday bash and need some help, not to worry — this Specially Selected ribeye roast is available starting December 15 for $6.99 per pound. With the difficult part done, all you need to do is whip up your favorite simple sides for an absolute feast.

Specially Selected Premium Shrimp Ring

Sure, there's something a little retro about a shrimp ring, but the holiday season is all about nostalgia. Plus, people always gravitate towards this tasty offering. Aldi locations will begin stocking these $8.99 shrimp rings on December 22, so they're the perfect grab for a last-minute gathering. As the packaging states, all you need to do is thaw and serve.