Wendy's Employees Hate This Question

It's one of those long Friday nights, that particular type of night where the last few hours of the weekday seem to drag on with every tick of the clock. You, a hard-working Wendy's employee, are whittling away the hours shuffling through customers, ringing up orders, and giving change. The air around you is heavy with the familiar scent of those square, never-frozen burgers sizzling on the grill, accompanied by the tinny melody of a Top 40 hit playing over the radio. A particular type of customer strolls up to the counter, iPhone in hand, and starts reading their order from a text message on their phone. Three Baconators, four large fries, three six-piece spicy chicken nuggets, and a big bacon cheddar cheeseburger–and they want it all to go.

To those of you who have worked in the fast-food industry, this scenario is a familiar, if not a potentially complicated, one. A few fast-food servers will probably think that this is that brand of customer who will try to make the order as complicated and as elaborate as possible (via Business Insider). Maybe they're one of those chatterboxes that will be talking to their friend about how much food they're getting while you try to talk to them? But, fortunately for you, this isn't one of those types of customers. Unfortunately for you, however, when you ask them if they'll be paying cash or credit, the answer they have may leave you floored. "Do you take Apple Pay?"

The Apple Pay option really gets under Wendy employees' nerves

"The ones that only have Apple-pay and not any other form of payment are the most ridiculous people I have ever seen." This firm, blunt statement came from Redditor "Hoodwink", during a discussion on the subreddit r/Wendy's. Apple Pay, for those unaware, is a style of electronic payment that replaces physical payment by connecting your bank card to the digital wallet on your Mac device or iPhone. Although boasted as being "faster and easier than cards or cash" (via Apple), it would appear that the use of digital transactions can be a bother to fast-food employees.

"Order's 3 quarters done with most of it staged and ready to go and that huge order has caused the line to wrap around and then you get a 'Nevermind' followed by a drive off after you tell them you don't take apple pay" put user "gewfbawl". 

A responding user, feeling their grief, commented that "Sometimes I just wanna grab one of their items and throw it at them". Even worse, it would seem, is when those customers seemingly can't believe their local Wendy's doesn't take Apple Pay. "People think we are lying to them when we say we don't accept apple pay." said user BADDLoveStory, rolling their digital eyes in disbelief. While you may think Apple Pay and other digital transactions are the payment of the future, perhaps it's best to stick to cash next time you want a Frosty and some fries.