How Martha Stewart Says You Can Use A T-Shirt To Make Thanksgiving Turkey

When Martha Stewart appeared as one of 21 chefs featured on the "Today" show on November 24 to kick off the program's "Thanksgiving '21: Together Again" celebration, she was given a royal introduction by host Savannah Guthrie. "It is not Thanksgiving around here without the queen herself, Martha Stewart," Guthrie said. 

Stewart was welcomed onto the show for a segment where the chefs shared their hacks on how to prepare a Thanksgiving Day meal for your family and friends if you forgot an ingredient or simply couldn't find something at the store due to recent supply shortages. 

In an ideal world, Stewart recommends following her Perfect Roast Turkey 101 recipe, which calls for the turkey to be covered with a cheesecloth soaked in butter and wine while cooking. But as she revealed to "Today" viewers, you can also use a T-shirt as a makeshift substitute for cheesecloth when cooking a turkey.

Who needs cheesecloth when you have a T-shirt?

"If you don't have cheesecloth for my Turkey 101 ... go into your husband's clean T-shirt drawer, and you get a T-shirt ... and you soak that in the butter and white wine, and then you drape that over the bird." Martha Stewart said on the "Today" show on November 24. She recommends basting the turkey throughout the roasting time; when Guthrie asked if this method was efficient, Stewart said, "Oh, it works just, almost as well."

Other chefs featured on the segment, including Kevin Curry and Rōze Traore, had other great tips like using mayonnaise in the place of butter if you run out and hitting up your pantry for a can of veggies to spruce up and make into a killer side dish.

Guthrie appeared excited by all the tips, including Stewart's T-shirt hack. "I love this because these tips are not for fancy chefs. This is for the rest of us who forget everything," Guthrie said. And if anyone's wondering whether Stewart will be taking the day off from the kitchen for Thanksgiving, the answer is no. "You cooking tomorrow?" Guthrie asked. "I sure am," Stewart said.